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honestly good CBD + hemp extract

“with every farm partner we have, our organizations are vertically integrated and connecting. we are engaging and controlling hemp cultivation, extraction, product manufacturing, and distribution. more than a company - we're on a mission. our purpose is to provide a better quality of life to those seeking peace-in mind, body and soul."
- bill monroe, founder

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non gmo + vegan + gluten free

lab tested + community loved

certified nontoxic + sustainably made

real communities.
real people.

our commitment to honest and effective product starts with developing lasting relationships with our farm partners and the communities they serve. we work together to ensure every plant, every ingredient, and every product we make is clean, safe, and effective.


our first priority is working with real people who care about the environment, their community, and growing the best hemp. sun-grown hemp grown sustainable farming practices are what make our products so effective for your daily routine and wellness.

pesticide free.

our farm partners have a passion for clean. their honest growing process starts with organic soils and a commitment to never using harmful pesticides during the growing process.